Would you Work for Free?

21 Oct 2023 | Naomi Marshall

Why we only work on retained roles…

Our passion for client service is what drives us to only work retained on all roles. We pride ourselves on the strong partnerships that we form, and we have found that by asking our clients to commit to paying a fee upfront (which is deducted from the final invoice), not only are they more committed to the process, but the Consultant commences the project 100% focused. We are building mutual respect with the client from day one.

We can also be more transparent with the candidates regarding their prospects, and manage expectations with complete honesty. Therefore it’s a win-win-win.

Although we are ‘Sprint by name, Sprint by nature’ we never partake in resume races, as it dilutes the service offering and takes away the consultative approach to the client.

Consultants outside of Sprint will say “my clients won’t pay anything up front’ and my response is always the same – “have you asked?”. If you have built solid credibility, are commercially minded, and can demonstrate how you’re going to add value to their business, then what would be stopping them from committing to you?

Working on 15-20 perm roles when in competition is not a partnership. It’s unproductive for everyone involved.

Let’s put this into a real-world perspective with other service providers…

– If you asked a builder to build your house, they would expect you to sign a contract, and pay a deposit as well as progress payments along the way.
– You wouldn’t ask two accountants to work in competition to complete your tax return and then offer to pay only one at the end.
– A lawyer is paid for any work they complete in 15-30 minute increments.

So why as a recruitment consultant is your time less valuable? Especially when you are responsible for staffing a business which means sourcing one of their most valuable assets.

Are you comfortable to work with a client who puts you in competition with another agency (or several) and risk not being paid?

Working retained has decreased the number of roles we work on however, it means that we are more profitable and I have a business that delivers 100% of the time – coupled with happy clients and happy consultants

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