Temp Work – Is it for you?

11 Jun 2019 | Rhiannon Hardie

Contract and temp work is the new normal. It is no longer reserved for those who are “in between roles”. Temp work is now very much commonplace on the average Australian CV.

In fact, LOTS of our candidates have done temp work. More and more of our clients are understanding and more importantly appreciating temp work and the reasons that candidates are choosing it. Whether it be to expand knowledge, take a break from a high pressured role, or simply for flexibility – it is more than acceptable to explore the temp space and not damage the work history on your CV.

Is temp work right for you?


If you are just starting out…

If you are just starting out in your career, temping can be very hard place to start. We get lots of entry level candidates applying for temporary roles but unfortunately unless you have done the same role previously, starting out with temp work is going to be a challenge. In the administration space our clients look for candidates that can hit the ground running. Essentially you are left to sink or swim and if you have no experience, the client assumes you will probably flounder. With temp work, the client is paying by the hour and expects someone to add value from the minute they arrive. The reality is that without previous experience, you may find it hard to do so. Your progression and career are extremely valuable, you want to find a client/company that will invest in you, your training and your time. So focus on securing your dream entry level perm role. You’ll be the next big thing in no time.

When you’re looking to slow down the pace…

After having a super intense career, (maybe you’re a high powered EA) it’s very, VERY normal to want to take a temp role with a slower pace. Taking the opportunity to have a change of pace with a temp role is something lots of our EA’s look to do. Spending time with family, focusing on your hobby or simply getting your work life balance back – it’s all completely A OK. Lots of clients love that senior candidates want to do this. It gives the client “more bang for their buck” (as it were) and it’s win-win for both parties.

If you’re at a crossroads

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your career?! This is a perfect time to temp! Temping is a great flexible option to try your hand at new skills. Of course these need to be transferrable but it’s the perfect way to try a new industry with no strings attached. Temping is a great way to test the waters. See if you really do want to transition to an EA after being a Team Assistant. The beauty with temping is, you can choose your commitment! 1 month, 3 months, 6 months…a year. You are in complete control of how much you take on and how much you want to learn in a new temp role. Taking a temp assignment is a great opportunity to build your knowledge, gain exposure and grow your network. If the stars align and it is what you choose, there is often even the option to go perm at the end of the assignment.


Flexibility is a hot topic at the moment. Work from home, flexibility, flexi time – whatever you call it, it’s very important to a lot of candidates and clients too. With temping, you can be as flexible as you want. Need time for a holiday – TEMP. Want time to focus on a side business – TEMP. Want to work in short term blocks and have time off in between – TEMP! As long as you can commit to the contract, that is all we ask. The more flexible you need your time to be, the shorter the contract you commit to. Whatever your situation, the flexibility with temp work can work for you. Just be sure you are ready to hit the ground running with the roles you take on and can still commit to the contract. Fast paced and dynamic, it could be the just challenge you were looking for!

There are many great reasons to temp. If you believe that temp work is right for you, we recommend you read more about joining the #Sprintfam and temping with us.

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