Why Everyone should take Annual Leave

20 Jan 2020 | Peta Hulin

20 Days Annual Leave

You accrue 20 days annual leave a year, you should plan to use it! I know so many people who have mountains of annual leave tucked away and let me tell you now – annual leave is made to be used!

The old mentality of working yourself to the bone all day, every day is OUT and taking that much needed annual leave is in (as well as sharing your time off on social media making sure all your friends are sufficiently jealous). We all work hard, so we all deserve to VAY-CAY hard!

Not only is it important to take a break during your annual leave, but it’s equally important to properly switch off during your break. If we don’t recharge our bodies and our brains, get back to nature, spend time doing what we love, then you might as well have stayed at work! Sidenote: This includes utilising your weekends and taking a break then too.

Taking my own advice

Over the Christmas break I handed in my work phone and put a big old “OOO” (out of office) on my emails, to head on a Canadian Christmas Experience! There was a bit of anxiety and stress around missing out on work, but after a big deep breathe I remembered that I do work with some pretty damn capable people! Naomi always says “Once upon a time I used to be a Recruiter” and a great recruiter she still is! Once I took my seat on that plane and I was out of contact, I finally started to relax and the real adventure began. I sunk into my seat, turned on a flick, sipped on a wine – it was vacation time!

New Experiences

I had never seen snow, (shocking I know but I am a beach baby!). So during my trip to Canada we headed to the beautiful Canadian Blue Mountains where I hit the slopes, *cough cough* well, I hit the training slopes. After what was a shaky start, I soon realised (as did everyone around me) that I am destined to be a professional skier, I’m thinking Beijing 2022…

We also ventured to Niagara Falls and wine tasting around the region. (If you ask my bank account…I really enjoyed myself!) I also fit in some ice-skating, a view from the top of the famous CN Tower, eating poutine (I’m still a bit confused what it even is) and having the odd snowball fight. I cheered on the local team at an Ice Hockey game, GO MARLIES! And was even featured on the big screen for our fabulous dance moves (we probably made the evening news we were that good) and I even scored myself a free t-shirt.

While wanting to make sure I made the most of my annual leave, I also spent a few days in NYC. There are so many amazing sights and icons all within walking distance (Top of the Rock, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Lady Liberty). I think I averaged walking about 25km per day! I met some interesting people. Saw the Brooklyn Nets live (JayZ and Beyonce must have been busy – they sent another rapper to take their place) and I saw Aladdin on Broadway (this show is a MUST for any Disney lovers). I felt like a kid again and enjoyed every second of it.


As all good things do, my trip slowly but surely came to an end. When I landed back Sydney, I was feeling energised and excited to get back into SprintHQ.

2019 was a big year – I repeat “a big year”. I powered through the year thinking I was invincible; it had been over a full year since I took my previous break or any annual leave! But now that I have returned to work, I realise how reenergised I feel and although I felt fine last year, I can see how much better I can be in 2020. With more energy too! I feel rejuvenated and energised – ready to hit the desk stronger than ever! This is what a bit of much needed R & R during annual leave does to a person.

Taking on 2020

I am going to make sure that I take breaks, spend time doing what I love. I am going to get fresh air and get back to nature, experience new things and keep learning. My work and productivity will be all the better for it.

And what about jetlag I hear you ask? Hahahah. I laugh in the face of jet lag! No seriously, I am fine….!? Lots of water and well-timed sleeps! Set your watch for your destinations time as soon as you board your flight, and you will be good to go!

I am already planning my next holiday and keen to book some more of my annual leave – any tips?


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