What are YOU doing to drive your career path in 2014?

25 Mar 2014 | Naomi Marshall

2014 is well and truly underway! The shops are filling with Easter eggs and there is a change in the air. We’re about to hit the end of the first quarter. Where did that time go?!

At the start of the year I was inundated with calls from people asking for our support as they were seeking new roles – “a change”, “something different” was what I heard over and over. They were also going to be losing weight, getting fit, not eating sugar and giving up alcohol – just to name a few.

The start of the year can do that. You’re ready to take control and make things happen.

Then time ticks on, old habits start to kick back in and before you know it you’re eating biscuits every afternoon with your tea, you’ve ditched the gym and that cheeky glass of sav blanc comes creeping back in with your Thai takeaway on a Wednesday night.

So how are things tracking on the job and career front for you? Have you changed jobs? Have you taken positive steps towards driving change?

If not, here are a couple of pointers to help you veer back on track….

  • Have you connected with the right recruiters? E.g. The ones that actually recruit in your industry sector, or that have connections with the businesses you want to be interviewing at?
  • Is your CV up to date – and I mean REALLY up to date! If you saw a job right at this very minute, would you have it saved and ready to go? If there is even one thought of “I just need to go in and update the most recent job” it will slow down your job search process.
  • Is your LinkedIn account 100% up to date? Do you have an appropriate photo? LinkedIn is a business networking tool and one of the first things recruiters will look at.
  • Have you worked through a few role plays with your partner, friend, mother to practice your interview technique? Try videoing yourself – it’s an interesting task and quite confronting, however, necessary if you really want to see what others see.
  • Know what is good about yourself and what makes you stand out – and don’t be afraid to say it. If you can’t sell yourself in an interview no one can. Be mentally prepared for interviews as they can be a little exhausting.
  • Sort out that interview outfit once and for all. First impressions are EVERYTHING. You may have seen yourself in that outfit a million times but the person interviewing you will be seeing you in that outfit for the FIRST time. They will notice the marks, the holes or the fact you’ve not ironed your shirt. Don’t let yourself down by not being as sharp as you can be. Don’t you want to be remembered for all the right reasons?

At the end of the day nothing changes, if nothing changes. A new job is not going to come flying in and land on your desk. YOU have to make it happen, YOU have to drive the process. A recruiters role is to introduce you to clients, however, we can’t force the client to hire you. That part of the process is entirely up to you.

Be prepared and who knows what amazing opportunities might be around the corner if you’re ready for them….


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