What are SME’s leaders REALLY looking for when hiring?

24 Apr 2024 | Hannah Brewer

We get asked often, what are SME’s leaders REALLY looking for when hiring? In order to answer that question, first let’s start with what they are NOT looking for: Prospective employees who talk about what they will ‘take’ vs. what they can ‘give’. It really is that simple.

SME business owners and entrepreneurial leaders are seeking highly talented and robust individuals who speak their language – and people who can add VALUE, from day 1.

Leaders do not start each morning thinking about how many days they can work from home that week, or what time they will finish work. They think about output, productivity, profit, revenue driving activity, cost cutting measures, product or service delivery, sales & marketing and the key one….what else can I be doing to grow the business?

Therefore, if you truly want to move into an operational support role to an entrepreneurial leader or be a 2IC to a business owner, then ensure you are 100% equipped to offer up demonstrated examples of HOW you will add VALUE to their business. What is your 30 day plan? 90 day plan? How do you lead staff, how can you demonstrate your growth mindset etc etc.

I’m the first to say that hybrid / flexible work helps make for happy employees however, this post is to help educate those looking to work with this unique style of leader – focus on speaking their language first.

Give descriptive answers on:
✔ How you will make their life easier
✔ What your unique talents are when it comes to driving business growth
✔ Your experience with managing suppliers and ability to build close-knit partnerships with them
✔ Your commercial business knowledge and understanding of how the business components interlink (sales & marketing, legal requirements, compliance, polices & procedures, servicing offering, finance & bookkeeping etc)
✔ Staff leadership skills

If you are looking at opportunities to work within the SME space, please get in touch with our team to register as a candidate.

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