Hannah’s Tips on a Weekend in Lockdown

27 Mar 2020 | Hannah Brewer

Round of Applause

I would like to start this blog with a round of applause to all of us for making it through one hell of a week. Let’s not lie, it’s been painful and even the most resilient of us have probably experienced some level of anxiety. However, even in chaos, the world keeps turning, life goes on and we should take each new day with a grateful heart. This week has proven that when we go through tough times and become more vulnerable, we unite and find strength by coming together and supporting each other. Go us! 

A Few Ideas that Might Make our First ‘Lockdown’ Weekend Easier

With this in mind, I wanted to share a few ideas that might make our first ‘lockdown’ weekend with no F45 Hollywood sessions, cocktail happy hours or dance floors, a little brighter. For all of us with ants in our pants (I can’t sit still to save my life) let’s try and find our inner zen and embrace 48 hours inside four walls. Take some deep breaths and STAY HOME  –  its for your own good, and the good of others.

So here is my little list of some simple activities to get stuck into…  

Brunch it up

Whilst we may not be able to bottomless brunch until our hearts are content, we can whip up some tasty brekky treats to share (and wash them down with a mimosa if we fancy). This week I have tried and tested a simple banana pancake recipe that I am now OBSESSED with. Mash up two ‘nanas, chuck in two eggs and throw in 50g of flour. There you have it, perfect banana batter. Fry until golden and then top with maple syrup, berries and maybe even some bacon if you’re feeling a little bit naughty.  

Pump it up

Ok, let me set the scene… We overindulged with pancakes, the food coma is wearing off and we know it’s time get off our bums and do something to keep our muscles and body in check. Well, allow me to introduce you to Yoga with Adriene, https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene This woman is a life saver. She has an absolute plethora of videos, from super sweaty sequences to chilled meditation. You don’t need any equipment and it’s FREE – what a winner. 

Take some you time

Can you even remember the last time that you weren’t rushing around at a hundred miles per hour … I didn’t think so. Ensure you embrace this rare opportunity to slow down. Practice some self-care and dig out all the facemasks/hair masks/body lotions and potions that accumulate in your bathroom cupboard. Light some candles and then get your pamper ritual going. A whole new fabulously-super-soft- you is about to emerge!! Once this step is complete, put on your favourite PJs, pour yourself a large glass of wine, my go-to beverage at present is Cradle Bay Pinot Gris (on offer for $10 at Liqourland right now – stock up) and either pick up a book or get Ab Fab on the TV.  

Get those Zzzzzz

With no bars open to keep you out until 3am or early morning workout classes to set your alarm for, there is no excuse not to stock up on your quality sleep. I’ve recently been using the Insight Timer app and it is LIFE CHANGING. Ok, maybe that is slightly dramatic, but guided mediation has definitely improved my sleeping routine and ability to fall asleep quickly. I recommend giving ‘Breathing Into Sleep” a go this weekend https://insighttimer.com/crystaltreeroad/guided-meditations/breathing-into-sleep  

Now none of my above suggestions are particularly groundbreaking, and they definitely aren’t going onto Time Out’s top things to do in Sydney list, but they are things that will keep you sane over the coming weeks (they are certainly helping me) 😊I’d love to hear your suggestions of quarantine recipes/activities/books so email me what you’re up to and we may give them a go here a Sprint!  

Take care and stay safe. Hannah x 

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