Tips for navigating the #Coronastorm

23 Apr 2020 | Peta Hulin

I read somewhere that Covid-19 is like a storm and depending on where you live (or in our case, your current circumstances), determines on how you are feeling the impact. Regardless of whether there is a little sprinkle or you’re in a full blown thunderstorm (thinking sideways rain), I  hope these tips help you to weather the Covid-19 AKA #coronastorm.

I wanted to put together a few tips that will work for everyone, whether you’ve lost your job, taken a cut in pay or just feeling the impact of what is happening in the world around us. Right now, its about staying motivated and focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel. In some way or another, each and every one of us is affected by this and we are all in this together. (Check out Hannah’s blog on being kind to one another!)


Regardless of where you sit in this constantly changing storm, the one thing we can all hold onto is routine. By now, many of us are working from home either full time/part time or potentially you are at home searching for your next role. Whatever it is, routine is essential. Get up early, exercise, shower, put on your work clothes or a slightly comfortable version (and yes, for all the women reading this that means a bra too, sorry!)! Wash your hair, blow dry and brush it too. Put on a face if that’s what you normally do. Make yourself feel like the best version of you and trust me, that can’t be done in your PJs eating ice cream for breakfast…I’ve tried…!

This will prepare and motivate you for the day ahead, whether that is working, managing the household (I have heard some horror stories from the home schooling parents – Praise Be) or job hunting. Maybe you are using this time to up skill, study, complete some DIY projects or just taking a bit of a mental health time out. Whatever it is – do it with pride!

Pivot – we are all hearing it, but how can you do it?

Pivoting is a great term being used (possibly overused) around businesses at the moment. In this uncertain market, how can we pivot to become a necessary player? You can use this methodology in your own life too. If you are in a job, make yourself irreplaceable/indispensable – take on new duties, learn things about the business that a lot of people don’t bother with. Some gaps may have opened up where other roles have been stood down…can you take on those responsibilities to help your employer? For anyone in a role or not, you want to find out what people need, and deliver that – be a solution not a problem.

I came across a company that built stages and sets for events, movies, performances etc. They used a lot of wood, had a lot of tools to make all sorts of weird and wonderful things – all lightweight and portable. When Corona hit, their business fell flat, so they PIVOTED! They are now making a variety of desks and office supplies that are available to the general public and even better they are donating profits and keeping their full team employed, happy and safe.

Another example is of a friend of mine, she has made it her mission to learn everything she can about the business, continually puts her hand up to take on new projects and learn new skills. She has now set herself up so that should her company be impacted she is in the best possible position to keep her role, because they can’t risk losing her.

Job Hunting

If you are out of work and currently job hunting, use this extra time to personalise your resume for each individual role. Take the time to respond to the individual points in the ad and tweak your resume to bring those things through as a common theme.

Take the time to write cover letters properly – not just changing the company name and using the same template. Talk about why you want to work for that company. In a time that is a candidate heavy market, you need to stand out! You need to want this role and you need the company to feel like you are as heavily invested in them as they are you.

It can be draining, emotionally and physically – especially with rejections or knock backs, I won’t lie. You need to practise being resilient. Everyday is a new day! If you can form these habits they will flow into your general life, so that when things turn for the better (which they will), you will be the superstar!

Cutting costs

This one might seem like a given but it doesn’t have to mean getting rid of essentials. A lot of big companies are coming to the party and offering relief packages. For example, Bupa Health Insurance are categorising effected people into two categories Major or Minor (aka lost job or income reduction). I have just scored myself a savings of 50% a fortnight by making a few minor plan changes and taking on their discount offer to help support me – it’s all about the small wins! Rent reductions are another big one that are a massive help. Talk to your agent today and see what they can do for you, I have heard stories of up to 50% rent reduction to help those in need.

If you are lucky enough to own your own home, especially in the Sydney market, the Government is constantly releasing new relief initiatives to support owners and landlords too.

Lots of companies are here to support you, as are Sprint. All you need to do is ask.

So whilst it might feel a bit cruddy at the moment or maybe it feels like you are about to lose the roof over your head thanks to this storm, just remember we are all in this together and everyone is here to support one another.

If you want resume assistance, have general questions about the market place, or want some key insights to what employers might be looking for when this storm passes (WHICH IT WILL) then call the Sprint Team on 9271 0000. We will do our very best to help.

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