The biggest mistakes made after interview… by clients and candidates

30 Jan 2013 | Naomi Marshall

As recruiters, we try to ensure the most streamlined process as possible for both our clients and our candidates. However, there is only so much an agency can do for both without help from both sides. The recruitment process (through an agency) is more than a two way process, it involves three parties, all of which must act quickly, professional and honestly throughout. We at Sprint recognise that the recruitment industry especially is renowned for its poor treatment of candidates, we hear horror stories from our candidates daily about their past experiences but we endeavour to be different – a cut above the rest we like to promote! In order for us to maintain our good reputation there are a few things we ask from our clients and candidates

Some common mistakes made after client interviews by clients and candidates are:

Follow up: As a recruiter I am the middle man between both the client and the candidate. As a client, even if from the introductory handshake you knew this person was not the right fit for the job, it is imperative that you let the recruiter know ASAP (ideally within 24 hours) that you will not be progressing any further with this particular applicant. There is only so much time that a recruiter can buy for you with the candidate while maintaining a positive image about your company.

The same goes for candidates, without providing us with feedback, we are covering for you to the client so that you don’t look disinterested or too laid back about the position. A recent candidate when talking about an experience outside of Sprint said to me “Even if the interviewer called me and lied, any update would have been better than none at all”. I think that in itself speaks volumes……. I am not taking the blame away from recruiters who don’t call but candidates – call your recruiter if you haven’t heard (within 24 – 48 hours).

Interview feedback:  This is going a step further than the above point – not only do we request follow up from an interview but we also ask for feedback from both the client and the candidate. Clients, if you feel that the candidate was not right – tell us why, tell us what they were missing, what additional things you are looking for etc. We want as much information as you can give us… Don’t worry about keeping us on the phone for 20 minutes!

As a candidate, tell us what your experience was like with the client. Were they friendly?  Did they engage you? Did they excite you about the role? How long did you wait at reception? Feedback is appreciated from all avenues and it gives us a better understanding of our clients and our candidates.

Fostering a long term relationship: Okay the candidate might not be suitable for this role or the client might just not say what you want to hear about the company or the role…. but rather than not trying or not putting your best foot forward how do you plan on making a lasting impression? People cross paths again more often than you can imagine, you could be sitting across from your candidate one day while they interview you or you could be sitting again in front of this hiring manager down the line. Just because this certain scenario is not what you are looking for doesn’t mean that you should fob it off. Remember clients that candidates are your best and cheapest advertisement!

The onus cannot always be put back on recruiters when they fail to provide sufficient feedback (don’t get me wrong some are simply to blame). However, clients and candidates do have a part to play in order to make the recruitment process quick, easy and to get results!

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