Sprinting to the Land Down Under – My journey from London to Sydney

31 Jul 2019 | Hannah Brewer

Making the Move

Our newest member of the #SprintFam Hannah, has recently made the move from London to Sydney. We have no doubt that this adventure is one that resonates with many working professionals either moving from Sydney to London or vice versa. Hannah opens up in our latest blog about making the move to Sydney and joining Sprint People…

Being the new girl on the block is always daunting, and even more so when you’re the new girl from across the globe. However, as I approach the 8 week mark here at Sprint People I already feel like part of the (very pink) furniture.

My career in recruitment started a good few years ago, back home in London. During this time a couple of my friends had decided to make the move to Australia (none of which have returned to the UK!). Rewind to 2017 and one of these friends had arranged an interview with a Recruitment Consultant here at Sprint to kick-start her career in Australia. Straight after her interview I received a message -“OMG I’ve just met with the most amazing recruitment company, if you ever move to Australia you have to work here – it’s so you!”. So for two years, I followed (stalked) Sprint and loved how they were a team of hard-working, boss babes.

London to Sydney

Sprinting forward to April this year, I found myself waving goodbye to my wonderful family, friends and colleagues and stepping onto a plane at Heathrow to start an incredible new adventure. Starting life again from scratch didn’t faze me too much, I’ve always welcomed fresh opportunities and meeting new people with open arms – probably one of the many reasons why I love recruitment! My intention was to only stay for a year, but on day two of my arrival I had completely fallen head over heels for Sydney and decided that I wanted to make it my home. 

As every newbie to Australia does, I decided to take some time out before I looked for work. I wanted to travel the East Coast of Australia. So, before I knew it I had checked into my very first hostel. I soon began to worry that bunk beds just weren’t for me.

Decision time…

There was a moment on my first night at a very rowdy hostel in Brisbane that I came to the conclusion that the backpacking life is not my calling. I missed the buzz that work gave me (self-confessed workaholic). So I put a plan in place and decided I would start searching for a job the very next day. First place I looked – Sprint People, obviously! And who would have guessed it… they posted an ad for a Recruitment Consultant that very day! Written in the stars.

So whilst everyone was out drinking “goon” that night, I sat in the reception and typed up a cover letter, did some work on my CV and whizzed it off to the team. I then proceeded to contact Naomi directly to tell her just how much I wanted the role (because it was rather a lot!). My phone rang the next day and it was Naomi, inviting me in for an interview when I landed back in Sydney. I was over the moon.

For the rest of my trip I actually didn’t mind the bunk beds as I knew there was a very exciting opportunity waiting for me back in Sydney. My trip flew by. I was lucky enough to experience prowling dingoes on Fraser Island, crazy sailing around the Whitsundays, incredible diving on the Great Barrier Reef and also saw some amazing views when I decided to throw myself out of a plane.

Before I knew it, my interview day had rolled around. I put on my best pink outfit and was ready to take on the most important interview of my life so far, my Sprint-erview.

Thankfully, it went very well and here I am contributing to the very same blog I used to read and admire!

Opportunities arise when you start to look for them, they rarely fall into your lap. So next time you find yourself pondering over a big decision/opportunity my advice is just seize it – grab it with both hands and jump in head first. You never know what could happen…

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