Resting Interview Face

01 Jul 2019 | Hannah Brewer

Make sure you are not guilty of a "resting interview face"...

Interview Day

It’s interview day. But how much thought have you given to your resting interview face? Or how to avoid one? You’ve picked the perfect outfit. You want to make a fabulous first impression. But the nerves are kicking in (if you need help tackling interview nerves, you can find Naomi’s tips here). What does your body language and most importantly, your interview face, say about you?

Here at Sprint People we constantly have a flurry of superstar office support candidates sashay through our doors for an interview. We’ve invited you in because we’ve seen your fantastic resume and you’ve sparked our interest over the phone. We’re excited to meet you. We hope that you’re the perfect candidate for our wonderful array of clients.

First Impressions

As you know, first impressions count. You’ve only got a small window to sell yourself. This can be daunting, but take a deep breath and get ready to wow your recruiter.

My top tip to get off to a great start? Smile.

You may currently be thinking ‘Hannah this is so obvious – tell me something I don’t know!’ But throughout my career as a recruiter, I’ve met with straight-faced candidates more times than you’d think.

A warm, friendly face is the first thing any recruiter (in fact, anyone) wants to see. It’s a bit like being on a first date. Imagine you’re sat with someone for the very first time. You’re asking your date questions, but you can’t read them. They’re not giving away any emotion with their facial expressions. It leaves you pondering – Are they interested? Do they want to be here? It can all get a little awkward and at the end of the date you’re left a little disheartened because you felt no connection. It’s the same concept with an interview (but if you get a second date it will be with our client!).

Paint the Picture

Now, I’m not saying that you should smile like you’re in a beauty pageant for the duration of the interview. But 93% of communication is non-verbal (55% body language and 38% tone of voice). Are you conveying to your interviewer that you’re engaged even when you’re not speaking? As a recruiter not only do we need to ensure that you’ve got the right experience for the job, we need to make sure that you’ll fit into the company culture. So you may have the skills on paper, but you need to paint a picture and make them come to life. It’s completely normal to be nervous and feel a little stiff during an interview. We understand that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone, but just remember we are here to match-make you with your dream role. Don’t be afraid to show us what you’re made of!

Next time you step through the door for an interview, relax. Put on your favourite lipstick and let your personality shine through. YOU’VE got this.

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