Remember the recruitment process is a two way street (George not Pitt!).

23 Jan 2013 | Naomi Marshall

You want one thing (great job, great title, lots of money, fun culture, lots of perks) and the employer wants another (a hard worker, loyal and trustworthy employee, skills brought into the company, a positive attitude all for a fair salary).  You need to meet somewhere in the middle!!

As a candidate:

In an interview you need to ensure you offer up as much information about WHAT YOU CAN OFFER them. Don’t just bring up the negatives about previous roles this happens more times than I care to remember (even though everyone says they won’t do it in interview it is one of the main things that a clients come back to us with) and it’s a key reason why people are not hired!!

Stay positive, stay positive, stay positive!! Tell them all the great things you are capable of, what you enjoy, what praise you have received in the past and why you feel you have been a great employee in the past. Yes – you HAVE to speak up about yourself! Don’t be afraid. It’s not big-noting yourself if you can give demonstrated examples about HOW you have excelled in the past.

Remember a company or employer is hiring new skills and experience into the business, but they also hire a new personality. Therefore you need to show both of these sides – what you can offer and your energy levels to perform those tasks.

As an employer:

It is absolutely, well and truly your job to sell your company to a prospective employee. Why else would they want to work there?  What are you offering over other companies? What benefits or perks? What is the culture like? Open up about your company and let the candidate in on what it’s really like to work there – engage them! People don’t only work to be remunerated. Different things drive different people so try to work out what it is that is driving that person and you’ll have a much better chance at making an educated hiring decision that will result in the perfect match for the role, and business overall.

Both candidates and employers need to meet in the middle in order to get the best from each other. Candidates sell yourself, employers sell your company!!

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