Practice your Handshake!

18 Apr 2012 | Naomi Marshall

Such a small thing however, it can be the make or break in an interview situation. Practice with a friend. You should grasp the other person’s hand with confidence, a firm grip (don’t oversqueeze to the point of loss of blood circulation) then a quick shake (up and down) and let go. Look the person in the eye, use their name when you acknowledge them and smile.

A timid, weak, nervous, weapy handshake is not only only unprofessional it’s just like picking up a wet rag….urrghhhhhh!.

Sometimes I hear girls say “but I’m female and I get nervous shaking a man’s hand”. Why??? He’s not asking you out on a date. It’s a standard business interaction between two people and the quicker you master it the quicker you’ll project a confident (“Take me seriously!”) image.

Good luck!

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