Naomi’s Tips on How to be What Every Employer Asks For

11 May 2023 | Naomi Marshall

Naomi is sharing her tips on how to be what every employer is asking for. Why? Well, whilst there may be work available and the market may be buoyant now, the tide is definitely turning. This is more and more evident with each call into our agency from candidates who have been made redundant.

Cost cutting is happening everywhere, and businesses who blew up their staff numbers post Covid are now making commercial decisions about how they need to move forward with uncertain times ahead.

It’s as important as ever to ace that interview, so after 25 years in the world of recruitment I’d like to fill you in on a little background secret regarding the conversations we have with employers. I can confidently say that there is a clear and definite pattern for what clients ask of during every job briefing.

First I’ll tell you what they NEVER ask for…

‘Hey Naomi, I need a senior EA, a lazy one, one who never wants to come to the office or engage socially with the wider team, someone who is set in their ways and not open to change. Someone who is a slower typer and only has moderate computer skills. Someone who takes a long time to complete tasks and then when asked if they can push ahead a little faster becomes upset, disruptive and/or simply walks out in a huff’.

Can you see where this is going? NO ONE EVER ASKS FOR A SUBPAR EMPLOYEE! Everyone asks for the same thing: a positive, upbeat, resilient and dedicated employee who goes the extra mile and makes the role their own. Someone who cares about others, is inquisitive about life and the world in general, who loves learning and is constantly developing and up-skilling their software knowledge, and is open to not only change, but new and innovative ways to do things.

So my message of advice as we move into not only the cold and short days of the winter months, but a possible bumpy employment market, is to stop and consider your own actions during an interview, or just your general actions at work.

I coach candidates weekly (if not daily) on the best tips to stand out from the masses when it comes to a recruitment process, and it all falls back to basics: start thinking like an employer and be what they ask us for: give, don’t take. Stay motivated and enthusiastic about your work, and communicate in a way that demonstrates you are ready to jump in with two feet. Be ready to not only ADD value if you gain the role, but know what that value is so you can articulate it in the interview process.

At Sprint we regularly help candidates ranging from 17 years old (with zero work experience), through to highly-skilled professionals in their late 50’s secure roles. And let me tell you, the basis is always the same – think like the employee, communicate in their language and ‘sell’ back to them what they are looking to ‘buy’.

Should you be in the midst of interviewing for a new role, and believe you are missing out on great opportunities that should have been offered to you, feel free to reach out for assistance – Sprint people is always willing to offer honest and supportive guidance.

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