03 Jul 2017 | Sprint Guest Author

So, I’ve just had my first day at my new job here at Sprint People and I’m pretty sure I nailed it!

I was put forward for the role of Recruitment Resourcer/Candidate Manager, through our lovely consultant Jessica. I had originally applied for an external role but when that didn’t work out, Jessica contacted me, asking if I’d be willing to interview for this role. Next thing you know, here I am, the newest member of the #SprintFam.

It all happened so quickly once I met the Sprint team and I was excited by the opportunities Sprint had to offer. Not only that, there was an Alice in Wonderland meeting room! Being a crazy Disney fan, you can imagine how excited this made me!

I received my contract and letter of offer. I signed, sealed and delivered it back to my new employer and before I knew it, the scary but exciting part arrived…

My First Day!

I woke up super early and went through my wardrobe (again) just to make sure the night before I did in fact pick the right outfit. Thoughts were swirling through my head “What should I wear? Comfortable shoes? Or tough it out in heels? What were the other girls wearing at the office? Did I buy enough corporate clothes on the weekend? What about my hair? What have I gotten myself into? SHOULD I WEAR PINK?”

Any of this sound familiar? We have all been there; starting a new job can be nerve wrecking and exciting. For me, so long as you are organised and prepared to learn and work, but also remember that most importantly you are human and need to take it easy on yourself, you can nail your first day!

Arriving on Time

Firstly, arrive early BUT not too early. I’m all about arriving as prepared as possible (this may also have to do with my father being in the navy many years ago) however, there’s a difference between arriving 10 minutes early and 30 minutes early. Why? Yes, arriving early shows you are keen, organised and ready to work, which is great, but too early can throw off your new employer and what they had planned for the day.

They’re preparing for you to arrive at a certain time and have your day planned out for you. Arriving considerably earlier can make them feel rushed because they weren’t ready for you. This could potentially mean your first day may not go as smoothly as they had planned. Another thing, it’s an annoying feeling to be conscious of someone waiting for you. Your employer does not want this feeling, and we always want to get off to a good start with them on your first day, right?

Now, if you’re like me and regardless you do arrive quite early, (just in case of train delays or you get lost, etc) wait outside the building or at least near the area. Grab a coffee across the road, or if you’re nervous call a relative, a friend, your partner, or watch cute puppy videos on YouTube to get your mind off your nerves, (trust me, puppy therapy really works). That way when you walk in, you won’t feel rushed you’ll appear more relaxed, happier and confident.

Be Accountable

Another thing that I find you have to remember is to make yourself accountable to what you promised in the interview and remember what it is your employer needs from you.

How horrible is it to say, “I’m going to give this role 150%,” and then only give it 70% at your best? So walk in ready to learn, take notes, and show initiative by asking your co-workers and your boss if there’s anything they need. Remember as much as your boss wants you to thank them for the opportunity, wouldn’t it feel just as great for them to thank you for working with them?

Embrace Being the Newbie

Finally, during this period, this will be the time and that you will be able to embrace being the newbie and not be afraid of questions or mistakes (however, if you are like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way, then that’s amazing too and please teach me your ways).

Whilst we may be our harshest critic on this, as embarrassing as it may be at the time, QUESTIONS AND MISTAKES WILL HAPPEN!

Think about it, are we expected to be on the same level as our boss on our first day? OF COURSE NOT, and guess what? Your boss knows this too and has likely anticipated how long it may take for you to get the hang of things in the company, so give yourself a break as well.

Remember, asking questions shows you want to learn and are dedicated to doing things right. Mistakes are not ideal, however, mistakes are when you learn the most. Now if you are making constant mistakes, or even worse, the same mistakes, then you might run into some trouble with your employer, but you get my point.

I was highly fortunate to walk into a company that was so welcoming and made my first couple of weeks an incredible experience. It has been fast-paced and busy but I’ve learned an incredible amount and pretty sure I nailed the first day which set the benchmark for my career at Sprint People! I’m looking forward to meeting all of you overtime.




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