How Sprint are Navigating the Current Situation

18 Mar 2020 | Cole Dziatkewich

What are we doing at SprintHQ to navigate the current situation?

Businesses are slowing, crowds are thinning, shopping is on the fritz.

With the uncertainty that is all around us at the moment, many of our candidates and clients alike have been asking us what our plan is here at Sprint.  As many of you who are reading this will agree, we’re in unchartered territory! However, if we all stay calm and keep moving forward this time will pass….we’re not sure when, but we must remain positive and take each day as it comes.

So what are we doing at SprintHQ to navigate the current situation?
sprint people working from home
  • First and foremost we are staying true to ourselves and our Sprint values. We are remaining positive and working together, supporting each other along with our clients and candidates.


  • We’re spending a lot of time on the phones, checking in with everyone and keeping them informed of what we know about the job market.


  • We’re creating flexible work arrangements for temps, WFH policies and assisting people to make the right decision in this rapidly changing environment.

Operations behind these walls may run a bit differently over the coming weeks (just like everyone else, we are taking it one day at a time and acting on expert advice along with recommendations, as and when we receive them).

We are doing our best to make sure this will have the least impact on those we work for and with. It has not affected productivity in what we do or our enthusiasm for how we do it. We’re actually quite sure that you won’t even notice a difference! If anything Naomi is positive that this exercise has had great outcomes for productivity – the lack of chit-chat and distractions has been reduced to….zero!

Last week we were talking about the best way to greet candidates (foot taps, elbow bumps etc), looking for the most glam paper cups we could find and fanning the air after we emptied a bottle of Glen20 in the office – this week we are all working from home (#WFH), Skyping/Zooming/FaceTiming and setting up new digital/remote working systems quicker than you can say ‘there’s still no toilet roll at Woollies!’

One thing that will definitely NOT change is our positivity – you will still receive that classic ‘Sprintastic’ service and support that we are so well known for.

We encourage everyone to try to stay positive, choose enthusiasm, choose kindness and choose joy.  Let’s not give in to the pandemonium and pandemic. It’s an uncertain time yes without a doubt. However, we will get through this if we all stick together. It’s more important than ever that we all do our best to operate business and life as normal as possible given the circumstances. Try to keep some daily ritual, get up at the same time, eat well, exercise and stay connected.

This time will pass, and we’ll pass through it together.

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