Look up and Stand Up

11 Apr 2018 | Jo Lyle

Look up and Stand Up

This morning was like every normal work morning for me. I pop my headphones in and jump on the bus for the city. However, this morning, as I looked around the people on the bus, I couldn’t help but think to myself over and over again – “Look up and Stand Up”!!

One stop after I got on, a lady walked on to the bus and I stood up and offered her my seat. She declined and was a little bashful that I had asked. A moment later, another lady who didn’t see my exchange then offered her seat to the same lady and she then kind of laughed and did indeed take her up on the offer.

Stand Up

This is not the first time that I have seen women give up seats for women. I don’t want to call out men. In fact, we are all to blame. But I was brought up that it was polite to give up a seat for someone else if they are older than you, are less able, or have kids. Not just men giving up seats for women. All of us should be looking up and standing up to give our seats to any one in those categories.

We are not bad people. 80% of the people on my bus this morning (myself included) were looking down at their device and catching up on the events of the night before, or the events of the week ahead. We get so consumed with the now, that when the bus stops to let people on, we don’t look up. But if we don’t look up, we don’t notice that someone who might need our seat has stepped onto the bus.

Look Up

I know when my snout is in my phone, it can blind me from what is going on around me. However, I always make sure that I am aware of who is getting on the bus. Many times I have given up my seat and you know what? It made me feel really good! Such a small thing, but I know the person appreciated it. Even though they may be slightly embarrassed. But I was really happy that I could instil a bit of old fashioned respect and manners back into our lives.

Next time you are on the bus or train, when it comes to a stop, look up and stand up if you see someone who would benefit from your seat more than you. I promise, you will feel good and so will they!

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