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Hannah’s #1 interview tip that’ll never change…

01 Jun 2024 | Hannah Brewer

One of my best interview tips for candidates is to remember that the interview process is a sales process—you need to sell yourself as a solution to the organisation’s problems.

Talk about what you can GIVE, not what you can TAKE.

Speak the language of an employer.

At the end of the day, a recruitment process is a sales process – you need to sell yourself as a solution to business problems.

I have some candidates who tell me about the value that they can add as a support professional, and others who tell me what they need (WFH 4 days a week, leaving early for a yoga class on a Thursday etc).

Who do you think the employer is going to be more drawn towards?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about flexibility in the workplace. BUT you have to get in and build the trust first. Give and then take (within reason!).

Hats off to the two fabulous senior EA candidates I interviewed today – you are fluent in the language of employers. Walking placements.

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