How Sprint help SMEs take the next step

23 Oct 2023 | Hannah Brewer

The entrepreneur’s dream? …a booming business!

Your idea, your concept, the thing you poured every minute, every brain cell, every creative bone into is finally gaining traction and transitioning into a tangible business. The hard yards and sleepless nights are feeling worth it as you generate a profit.

Your ambition knows no bounds, and it’s at that point you know that you can’t do this alone. In order to achieve your goals, you need a helping hand. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?!

We have had the pleasure of supporting many SMEs in their growth phase over the past few years, who are now in this exciting, albeit daunting stage, where the time comes to find that person who will be critical to the growth of your business.

Speaking from experience, there has never been a time when a business owner has known EXACTLY who they need when making their first big hire. There is no ‘one size fits all’, no ‘cookie-cutter’ job description. I often hear, “Hannah I don’t know what it is – would it be operations? I think I need an assistant actually… but someone to manage my casual staff, maybe some finance skills thrown in. I can’t pinpoint it.”.

It’s a consultative process, and this is when we step in by partnering with the owner to explore the pain points and gaps within the business. It’s during these in-depth conversations that we form a bespoke position together, one that is malleable as we move through the process.

Our effort then focuses towards finding candidates who would shudder at the thought of someone saying “that’s not in my job description”. These types of candidates are the commercially-minded unicorns who find fulfilment in supporting Entrepreneurs and being part of their journey.

Whilst they are definitely not a dime a dozen, we find them. Having seen the impact, business growth and careers unfold of these employees, we feel proud to be a part of the journey. Knowing that the right person can create such a profound and monumental effect on a business.

You always remember your first… critical hire!

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