How Should I Prepare for an Interview?

14 May 2019 | Rhiannon Hardie

Want to know how to prepare for an interview? Our best tip: Research, research and, you got it, more research!

As part of your research there are a few key areas to focus on. Here is our comprehensive check list of interview preparation:


We are here for you and we are here to support you. YOU are always our priority. Any good recruiter should have a wealth of information about their client and the role. It is imperative that they prep you to the ends of the earth. Company culture, what the job ACTUALLY looks like, what are the hiring manager’s likes and dislikes? A good recruiter will provide you with this information to assist you. Getting prepped at least a couple of times is also essential. We can’t expect you to remember everything. So don’t be afraid to call us and ask more questions…..we won’t bite, promise!


The client’s website will have some hidden gems of information, you just need to have a good peruse. Yes, the ‘About’ page is a great starting point, but you’ll need to dig a little deeper to find the juicy bits. The info that’s great to drop into conversation with your prospective employer. What about their ‘Resources’ tab, ‘Working with Us’ or ‘Case Studies’? There is plenty of insider info that will be hugely beneficial to discuss during an interview setting. Sure, this isn’t a requirement but the research will really put you a cut above the rest when the client knows you have gone above and beyond to find out more about them.


Typing the company name into Google News is a great way to find recent tidbits and articles about the company that are literally ‘hot off the press’. Having this information up your sleeve and dropping them in to the interview will show that you really know what you are talking about. Whether it be the campaigns they are running, big wins in the company or simply being able to mention that their shares have gone up, knowing any up to date news is hugely advantageous.


Make sure you have your own, up to date LinkedIn profile! More than ever clients are placing a focus on candidates having a strong online presence on job boards such as LinkedIn. Follow their company, view their branding, recent articles and stalk the managers relevant to your role. There is no shame in this and they’ll get a notification saying you have looked. That you are researching! As for your profile, as long as you have a professional corporate picture you are good-to-go!


This should not be overlooked and should be read approximately 10,000 times (I’m joking), but definitely read through until you know the position inside and out. You don’t want to skip a beat when asked about information that is readily available to you. Know the company values, know the skills needed and the tasks in the role. The end result is you being able to seamlessly sell yourself to the client based on what the job brief says they need.


Now, no one likes to do it, but you MUST have an honest list of your strengths and weakness, and things you do and do not like. None of this ‘I am too much of a perfectionist’. Your interviewer will want to know genuine things that make you tick and what you are good at. No need for modesty here. Have a long hard think and note them down, learn them and be ready.


Filler words. Ah we all do it, but try and nip it in the bud. Try to refrain from saying ‘um’, ‘kinda’, ‘like’…you get the gist. Take a minute and pause if you aren’t sure what to say in that instance.  It shows much more strength of character to pause and won’t go unnoticed by the client. Another one to leave out is the ‘Ya know’. Chances are, your client probably doesn’t know, so explain clearly and concisely what you mean. When in doubt pause and take the time to think.

All this might seem overwhelming, but the trick is to practice until it becomes second nature. Your recruiter has the utmost confidence in you, otherwise they wouldn’t have put you forward. So take a step back, have a big deep breath and go in there and nail it. Being prepared helps with nerves and confidence and therefore makes the interview easier. As we always say to our candidates, you have to do a song and a dance for the client – it’s just the way it is. The best thing you can do is try your hardest. Best case you get the job, worst case…you never see them again! It wasn’t meant to be and you will smash the next one!

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