Hope is not a strategy.

12 Dec 2023 | Naomi Marshall

A longtime friend in recruitment gave me that saying recently and I wondered why I had never heard it said before – it’s SO true!

* I hope the client calls me back, and they make the offer – that’s a fail.
* I hope the candidate accepts the role even though the client is paying less than the candidate is seeking – fail again.
* I hope I make budget next month – yet another fail.

In the world of recruitment EVERYTHING is driven by activity – and activity alone. Do nothing – and the results will be pretty dire. Do a lot – and you can virtually be guaranteed that success spits out on the other side.

Success in recruitment is based on relationships – the strength of them, how many you have and how much time you are prepared to foster them for the long term.

Pick up the phone and speak to someone, a candidate, a client, a new contact, even a new friend – and that alone is one step forward towards a better ‘strategy’ in recruitment.

Sprint is opening our doors to recruit a couple of new staff members in the coming months and we’re keen to speak to people who read this and it resonates with them. People who say – I would never sit back and say ‘I hope’.

If you are ready to join a business where success is never ‘hoped’ for – then we would love to hear from you.

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