How to be a good temp….? Part 2 – Don’t blame the recruiter!

25 Feb 2014 | Naomi Marshall

As a recruiter I register candidates every single week for temporary work. Many candidates complain that they have registered with a number of agencies and have yet to hear back. At this point most candidates jump straight into blaming the recruiter.

However…I encourage candidates to stop and consider;

  • Was I enthusiastic in the interview?
  • Did I give the impression that I would be flexible with assignments (e.g. no job is too big or small)?
  • Have I kept in contact with the recruiter? E.g. when the recruiter has emailed me, have I always answered back?
  • Could I have missed calls from the recruiter because I have voice to text (or no voicemail at all)?
  • Could it be possible that I gave the recruiter the impression that I was only interested in certain types of roles that may be rare? What was the brief that I gave the agency?

There are exceptions to the rule of course, but a number of the candidates I meet that do complain about not being considered for temp work have committed at least one of the above offences. I know myself that if a candidate is inflexible (i.e. will only accept roles that pay a higher rate, within certain industries etc.) they are often subconsciously moved to the bottom of the pile. The first candidate that springs into my mind when a temporary assignment comes in is the one that;

  • Was well presented in the interview (See How to be a good temp? Part 1 – Look the part!)
  • Was very positive in the interview. Happy to do anything from filing and doing the washing up, to more senior admin tasks.
  • Answers the phone every time I call them, or at least gets back to me very quickly.
  • Replies to every single one of my emails (especially if I am confirming assignment details) to explain that they have received the information.
  • Has an active voicemail!!!!! – With a professional message too!

Next week’s blog “How to be a good temp – Part 3” will divulge our top tips for proactively securing as many temp assignments as possible.

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