Five Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

24 Jul 2018 | Naomi Marshall

Didn’t get the job? Not too sure why? You applied and know you passed all the initial screening process with flying colours. You even got the interview! You thought you were in with a good shot at the job… but you didn’t get it.

Here are 5 reasons why you may have missed the mark and didn’t get the job:


  1. Non-verbal cues

A combination of a weak handshake and poor eye-contact may set you in the wrong direction. Fidgety movements may be because you’re nervous – understandably! However, you need to focus on putting those nerves aside and stay focused on presenting yourself as confident and capable. Click here for more on handling interview nerves.

  1. You didn’t follow instructions

Forgot to bring a copy of your education details or test results the employer requested? You don’t want to give off the impression that you will be a disorganised employee, whether this is true or not, first impressions are paramount in an interview. Double check. Triple check you have everything you’ve been asked to bring.

  1. Timing

Were you too early? Or late? Timing is important and reflects your attitude towards the interview. Never show up late, never. Surprisingly too early may show desperation or anxiety. To keep the right balance arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

  1. You just didn’t click

The interviewer will go through many people before making their final decision. Some other candidates may have connected better with the interviewer. This may be a good thing. Finding a connection with your manager is important for a successful and fruitful working environment. It isn’t personal.

  1. Any questions?

Towards the end of the interview it’s your time to express yourself and ask the interviewer questions. This is an opportunity to show you have engaged with the information and demonstrate that you want the job. In an interview, there is such things as ‘stupid questions’, ensure the questions you ask best reflect you and that you’ve done your homework before the interview.

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