Feel Good Friday – The Sprint Edition!

10 Sep 2021 | Hannah Brewer

With R U OK? Day filling our feeds yesterday, I think we can all agree that the message hit home a little harder this year.

The phrase “we’re all in the same storm, not in the same boat” echoed through the last lockdown and I think it resonates with us even more so today. We don’t always know what boat those around us are in. Some people could be cruising by in a Sunseeker, and others could be trying to scoop out the water forming in their leaking rowboat. It’s important to reach out, check in and not underestimate your power to turn someone’s day around!

You also have to remember to check in with yourself! Lockdown fatigue is real, and if you don’t start your days with purpose it can be hard to shrug off the slump that you can sometimes find yourself in.

With this in mind I wanted to pull together a little ‘Feel Good Friday’ Sprint edition and share what we have all been doing to keep us positive and busy during lockdown 2.0. We hope that this may give you a bit of activity inspo to fill the final weeks (fingers crossed) of lockdown!


For anyone who knows me, they’ll already be aware that I don’t sit still for long. But being forced to stay indoors hasn’t been an issue for me because when I’m not working on either recruitment or backend business tasks, I have simply shifted my focus.

During lockdown, you can find me either Marie Condo’ing every cupboard, sorting out a tonne of personal admin which has been building up for months, or doing a whole range of new exercise classes off the Les Mills App (it’s brilliant!). I find it extremely satisfying to have everything ‘in order’… including my health!

And of course as most people know, even when not in lockdown, I LOVE to cook! So, after spending the most ridiculous amount of money on what is essentially ‘a pot’ (albeit, Le Creuset nonetheless) I have been spending the lockdown weekends perfecting the art of slow cooking – everything from meat and veggie dishes right through to chocolate brownies! It is extremely satisfying to make a whole range of culinary dishes, along with the comforting feeling of having the scent of food cooking waft through the house. Insider tip from a long term baker, you can never go wrong with Women’s Weekly!

For something really special out this slow cooked brownie recipe: https://www.womensweeklyfood.com.au/recipes/slow-cooker-brownie-31845


I have felt very lucky to live by the beach with the current radius restrictions, so my advice for anyone near a body of water is to try and get in it every day! It’s hard right now to push yourself out of your comfort zone, because let’s face it, there is no need to – we don’t have the luxury of a Barry’s Bootcamp class to force us break a sweat. A simple thing like jumping into the (let’s be honest, very cold) water is a great mental challenge but I promise, you feel amazing after!

Being a massive foodie, I have tried to incorporate some fun into the kitchen every weekend. My boyfriend and I pick a theme and then cook up a storm. Last weekend we focused on homemade burgers on Friday night and then tequila cocktails on Saturday. OMG strawberry margarita spritz are where it is at (have a look on our Sprint Insta, the recipe is on there). Divine. Picking a theme a few days before gives you purpose for the weekend and something to look forward to – tonight we are giving pizza dough a go!

Trying to find activities that aren’t trivia or virtual drinks to bring friends together can be a little tricky. So my friends and I got creative a few weeks ago and did a virtual online pottery class with Bondi Clay! We spent a few hours trying our best to make mugs, bowls and vases and it was hilarious. Family Christmas presents are sorted!


Wow! Lockdown….its real! And it’s been real long too!

I find it’s important to create tasks and keep your mind busy, focused and stimulated. When we aren’t working the 9-5, I find it’s best to fill my time so I’m not strapped to the sofa binging Binge day in day out….and the weekends still need to be weekends. Don’t allow yourself to be bored because there’s “nothing to do” – soon you’ll get into the habit of wishing the weekend away, and it’s the only time we 100% get to ourselves.

Here’s a few things I’ve been doing during lockdown to help stay stimulated, and motivated week to week:

I’ve found it very useful to LIST. Create a list of thoughts and tasks as they come to your mind Monday – Friday, and let them pile up to complete over the weekend. Build that list up, so your weekends are full of tasks and duties – don’t forget to add those goals you didn’t get a chance to accomplish during lockdown 1.0 – this is your second (and hopefully final) chance to get them ticked off – Photobooks, closet organising, furniture refinishing, puzzle building, trying new recipes…..the list goes on!

One thing that I enjoy lockdown or not is baking! Lord knows Cole loves a Carb! Mid July I created my own Sourdough Starter, and it’s been growing ever since. I can admit I have attempted sourdough roughly 15 times, and it’s only been the last 2 or 3 loaves I’ve been super happy with! The good thing about sourdough break making….it takes 2 days to prepare!

Back in my Uni-days I used to dabble a bit in photography. In my spare time and over the weekends I’ve been gradually getting back into it, setting up an Etsy account (soon to be released). It’s always good to have a passion project (old or new) and it’s never to late to start one, or rekindle an old flame. Feel free to check me out @cdz.photography on IG!

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