Business Chicks Breakfast with Elle Macpherson

23 Sep 2019 | Hannah Brewer

Breakfast with Elle Macpherson

What did you do on Friday?

Oh, you know… Just had breakfast with Elle Macpherson – the usual.

On Friday morning, Business Chicks put on one hell of an event that bought 1100 fabulous female boss babes (and a few token males) together, to be inspired by one of Australia’s most iconic figures. No pun intended.

Our bold leader, the one and only Naomi Marshall, took her A-team and 7 wonderful clients to get in on the action at Sydney’s International Convention Centre. Sat around the table I found it incredibly uplifting to see the relationships that Naomi has built and hear of the journeys that she has been involved in over the years – a handful of the fab women with us had once been Naomi’s candidates. What an amazing way to start a Friday morning!

Once we got all the chit-chat out the way, it was time for Elle to take the stage. Oh my, she is BEAUTIFUL. Can I get some of that gene-pool please? Although Elle is renowned for her looks, it is very evident that her perspective and view on life and business is just as gorgeous. Throughout the 45 minutes she shared her journey of how she shot to fame as one of the world’s hottest supermodels,  how she became a super-savvy business woman and finally her experience as a parent. Did you know that one of her first successes as a business women was when she decided to produce her own swimwear calendar? Elle had already been on the cover of Sports Illustrated five times and she decided that she could coordinate a photoshoot herself and generate even more income. Investing $60,000 into a 10 day photoshoot, she went on to produce a 16 month calendar (after all 16 photos is more bang for your buck than 12, right!?) that produced $1 million in revenue. That’s a pretty nice profit.

Since then she has made multiple smart business moves and now is the proud co-owner of WelleCo. Elle was honest about how profitable business had been. Explaining that for her money was just an amazing by-product, (of course) as you need cash flow to keep a business alive. However, what she is most grateful for is that it has allowed her to invest her time into something that she is passionate about. She admitted she has made some risky moves, but will always find a way to turn that risk into prosperity. Her philosophy is simple, “do something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. Elle stated that she doesn’t like giving advice, but wanted to share the foundation on which her life and business success has been built. It was simple – Invest in your vision and be observant.

What I admire about Elle is that she is honest, raw and humble. Being in her presence was like sitting with a friend having a cup of coffee.  Upon reflection I have now realised that what resonated the most was the fact that even though we may not be supermodels like Elle, we still have our own unique stories and successes to celebrate.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Business Chicks, take my advice and get involved. They are Australia’s largest and most influential community of women who encourage, motivate and spark you to propel yourself in the world of business. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, determined women and be invited to some show stopping events!

Where do I sign up I hear you ask?!

Right here –


Elle Macpherson on stage at Business Chicks Breakfast

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