Are face to face job interviews dead?

25 Apr 2024 | Naomi Marshall

A friend messaged me today, they had just been interviewed by the Head of Talent at a major professional services firm. My friend is like me, she believes that face to face interactions are always better in order to facilitate a true connection.

As luck would have it, she was going to be in Brisbane today where the Head of Talent is based therefore she requested that the meeting be held face to face. The leader wanted Teams and made a fuss about ‘having to go into the office on their WFH day’.

I repeat, they are the Head of Talent. Major global firm. When I last checked a basic JD, that’s their job – to do whatever is required to source the best talent for the organisation.

Despite this, the leader did travel to the office to conduct the interview face to face however, made negative comments in the interview around having to do so. Brilliant way to engage a prospective new employee!

My friend has been asked to return to meet additional senior people early next week. She’ll still be in Brisbane and offered to return to the office on Monday to meet them face to face.

‘That’s another key WFH day for us, they will need to be held on Teams’.

Seriously?? This is a senior appointment and my friend is due to meet with C-Suite leaders. Godforbid a senior leader is asked to attend the office on a Monday.

Needless to say her engagement to the organisation is…..LOW!

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