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26 Mar 2019 | Naomi Marshall


At Sprint People we like to think of everyone as part of our #SprintFam. We are passionate, energetic and fearless in our crusade to deliver exceptional results to our candidates and clients. We recently received the following review from our candidate, Christine. It was so special for us to not only validate that what we are doing is different, but to be part of Christine’s journey. We are so very proud of the following testimonial and feedback that we just had to share.

From Christine...

I have heard some pretty negative tales of very qualified folk who have dealt with recruiters in the past.

I can now relate to these anecdotes having experienced my own challenges over the last year dealing with several recruiters who I would contact week after week, month after month, reminding them not to forget about me; that I was still desperately waiting to hear from them about a job opportunity I MAY be suitable for.

The only exception on my recruitment adventure was the Team at Sprint People.  From our first meeting, this small team made a BIG impression. The positive vibe in the office is a result of the passion and enthusiasm I was continually showered with in person, on the phone or via email. This team worked seamlessly to ensure that my queries and concerns were addressed, regardless of who was in the office or on holidays. I didn’t feel like a desperate soul waiting for a handout of a job.  I felt valued, empowered and most importantly HEARD!  I didn’t have to continually contact them, they contacted me. How novel!

I was kept in the loop, even if there were no new roles on the horizon.  These ladies took the time to get to know me, and try and match me with the right work environment and culture rather than just placing me to make a profit. My requirements in a new role were not straightforward. I was looking for both a career and an industry change, as well as a specific salary and work location.

After 6 months of searching, I ended up taking a role using another recruitment agent I, to this day, have never met (not something I would recommend)!

Although the new role didn’t tick all my boxes, the timing of the opportunity was sufficient to make me take the leap. When I informed the ladies at Sprint People, they sent a card (snail mail) to my new place of employment congratulating me on my new role and wishing me well with my new career!  That wonderfully, thoughtful gesture really made an impression with me.

I kept in touch with the Sprint team, and a few months later when I realised my new role wasn’t suitable long term, I again reached out to Sprint People asking them to help me find the change I had originally been looking for. Recently, Sprint People placed me in my dream role.  It ticks ALL the boxes that I demanded in a new role; location, amazing culture, salary requirements, and most importantly, like minded colleagues.

I am so grateful for the persistence, patience.

Thank you

Thank you Christine, for your kind words and once again, we are so excited for you to have found your dream role!

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