10 Hacks for the Working Parent

16 Sep 2017 | Jo Lyle

You know those parents who turn up to school in the pristinely pressed outfit, make-up is immaculate, not a hair is out of place and their politely mannered dux student blows them a kiss and runs off into the playground in their shiny scuff free shoes? Well, this is not me or my family. This morning was hair wash day and well, I just couldn’t face it, so I grabbed my can of dry shampoo and went to town – hack number 1.

I have two kids. Two boys. Loud, fast, dirty boys. I pat myself on the back if I get them into bed clean, with their teeth brushed and before the end of Ninja Warrior.

Hack number 2: Sometimes I don’t get home until 6, I aim for homework, dinner, bath to all be completed for bed time at 7.30pm. That is 90 minutes of madness. Sometimes, I have to admit, I give them cereal for dinner. Yep, cereal, they think I am mother of the year!

Hack number 3: Boring I know, but put the washing on over night and put it out in the morning ( as long as it isn’t forecast to rain ). Doing washing on the weekend is yawn worthy, do it during the week!

Hack number 4: Outsource – I know this is hard for some, but oh my, how good it is to come home to a clean house. For the first few hours after the cleaners have been, I pick up everything that falls on the floor, after that I just give up. Until next week!

Hack number 5: Shop online. This is such a good idea, however I have to say I do love the supermarket as I get to go alone and it is like a mini holiday.

Hack number 6: Buy gifts in bulk. I only just worked this one out. There are a million birthday parties and to save you from racing to the shops last minute or in your lunch hour, buy several of the same gift and load up on $1 cards ( the kids only read the cards because their parents tell them it is polite to do so).

Hack number 7: Kid share, a little like job share. Load up on play dates. It means that your kiddie is occupied and hopefully the play date will be reciprocated and you will find yourself with some time alone.

Hack number 8: Pre-make lunches. Do as much prep work as you can on the weekend or the night before so you can sleep in until that very last second in the morning before work.

Hack number 9: Don’t iron the kids uniforms, sheets, tea towels or undies, no-one notices. In fact, I deliberately buy clothes that don’t need ironing.

Hack number 10: Do the sniff test – is it really dirty? My kids do anything to avoid putting things in drawers, so it gets tossed into the laundry basket. No no no, I’m not doing any more washing than is absolutely necessary.

Making sure that you get everything done is a challenge, but you know what, as long as it is done, almost done, half done or sorta done, no-one really cares how – unless of course, one of the kids blurts it out.

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