Tips for a successful meeting with your recruiter.

Naomi Marshall

13 Feb 2017 | Naomi Marshall

Recruiters – necessary evil some say. Others believe their careers have been developed and enriched by the support of a recruiter and are thankful that they exist.

Here is a quick read to help you gain the best out of your first meeting with a recruitment consultant.

  1. Don’t be late – don’t be early. I’ve said it a million times, a scheduled time is a scheduled time and no-one knows this more than a recruiter. We can be managing literally hundreds of tasks in any given week and our diaries will be blocked out back to back. Be mindful of this.
  1. Be the best version of yourself – Whilst many businesses are moving away from the traditional corporate attire they still expect you to be presented in a way that says you are ready for business (as opposed to being ready for the beach). Always better to be over dressed than underdressed. If you’d like to arrive in thongs and shoe-string strappy tops, that’s a-ok but just remember it will hinder your ability to be placed as you’re not going to be a professional representation of the agencies brand.
  1. Don’t take a coffee in – it’s a business meeting. Even if you ask when you arrive (with your cup already in your hand) “is it ok if I bring this in” and the recruiter says “sure that’s fine!”. Trust me, it’s not. They’re just being polite. You’ve just brought down your professional brand.
  1. Be ready to sell yourself – yes, sell yourself. Open up, communicate, talk about what you liked in previous roles, what you are seeking in the future and most importantly what makes you stand out from the crowd. Recruiters are essentially the middle man between candidates and clients. They are being paid to find something the client cannot source themselves – unique talent. Be that talent. Don’t assume that the recruiter knows everything about you even if you feel it is listed in the words on your CV. Be better than words on paper – be a personality!
  1. Keep the lines of communication open – Whilst it is definitely the responsibility of the recruiter to keep in touch with you, assist this process by reaching out to them every so often as well. Keep them in the loop with your movements, where you are up to in the process with other roles and any changes to your circumstances that will affect your work (eg moving house, booking holidays in the near future, changes in your career path).

The recruiter can be your best ally – you’ve just got to work with them so that together you can find the best possible job and career for you.

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