Sprint Social

Here at Sprint HQ we believe spontaneity is the spice of life! We like to keep things interesting and we all love the element of surprise in our daily lives. So we’ve created our monthly team building event ‘Sprint Social’.

Our terms of engagement are simple: Face your fears. Live a little.

Each month a different team member gets to choose the theme and the activities of a Sprint Social event, with the company contributing $50 per person. We don’t place any limitations on imagination for our social events, but we do draw the line at karaoke. I mean…..we have standards 🙂
Most importantly – the rest of the team never know what we’re in for until the time of the event, which adds to the anticipation!
A company’s culture is the backbone that holds all the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s important to ensure staff feel included, wanted and most of all valued.
Our Sprint Culture is important to us. We are a hard working, fun loving bunch of people. Important yet fun initiatives like Sprint Social help remind us our office is made up people (our #Sprintfam) and those people need to be nurtured to perform at their best day after day. Plus it helps that we all like hanging out.
We love what we do and it shows in our team culture.
Do you agree that a great company culture trickles through all facets of your business?
What does your company do to make you feel valued?
This week we have our next Sprint Social event happening…only Jo knows what is in store for us all. Any guesses what we might be getting up to?