10 Steps to Finding your Dream Job!

Are you looking for your dream job? Are you waiting for it to land at your feet or are you out there, pounding the concrete on a quest to find it?

Did you know that more often than not, people are sitting back, passively, waiting for that opportunity? That means, your competition has already been halved, because they aren’t even trying.  So don’t be sitting in that group – follow our Sprint Steps below and be the one to stand out and secure your dream job!

  1. Have your CV & Cover letter ready to go:

Urgency is imperative in a job search. So often, by the time we’ve placed an ad on Seek, the client is already asking us for a shortlist of candidates from our database. The ad is often a recruiter throwing the net out to see who else is available but in actual fact, we could already have candidates interviewing! If you sit on a job you like the look of on Seek for a week before you actually apply, chances are, it will be too late. If you want the job, be quick and get in early, before the rest of the candidates trickle in over the coming days.

  1. Have a Seek Alert system

That way, you will be alerted to any new jobs and you can be one of the first to apply. With any job placed on Seek., we expect at least a hundred applications (sometimes it can be a lot more). Although at Sprint we go through each and every one of them, we start at the top and often as soon as the resumes come in we are calling those candidates and organising to meet them. Once we get a few good candidates, we often pause to interview them.  Be at the front of the line to be seen first! If you are one of the last, chances are, that ship will have sailed!

  1. Follow up with the Recruiter or Hiring Manager

There is nothing wrong with showing some enthusiasm! If your skills match the job requirements and it sounds like the role you want, make yourself standout! Call and introduce yourself to the recruiter. Let them know you are keen and let them know you believe you have the skills. HOWEVER, please send your CV in before you call! There is no point calling if the recruiter can’t visualise your experience and see first hand from your CV that you have what it takes.

  1. Tidy up your LinkedIn Profile

Does your LinkedIn profile represent the best of you? Is your photo up to date, professional and clear? Make sure your LinkedIn experience matches up to what you are saying in your CV because it is highly likely any recruiter or hiring manager will be checking you out online before they progress you forwards.  There is nothing more embarrassing than LinkedIn saying you’re one thing and your CV saying another.

  1. Check your Facebook Privacy & Profile Photos

Just like they are looking at you on LinkedIn, it is likely the hiring manager or even HR will be checking out what else they can find out about you online. Please remove all inappropriate photos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts and check your privacy settings. You don’t want to be looking like the perfect candidate on paper, proceed all the way to interview only to have it go down the toilet because of some inappropriate photos posted on social media 6 months ago!!

  1. Ask around friends and Family

Sometimes the role for you won’t even be advertised. It will be through a friend of a friend or an old colleague. Make sure you are letting your wider network of friends and family know that you are on a mission to find the job of your dreams.

  1. Do some research

Not 100% sure what the dream job entails? Ask around. Meet up with different friends, family and colleagues past and present. Find out what they do in their jobs, what they like, what they don’t like. What they do day to day! Identify what parts of their jobs you would be good at and start to see where your skills match up.  You never know where this exercise could lead by way of introductions and job offers!!

  1. Identify a Company Hit List

What type of company do you want to work for? Small, large? In the city or in the suburbs? Make a hit list of organisations you’d like to work for. Research them. Send your CV in to the HR team and let them know why you’d like to work for them and why you’d be a good fit!! It’s all about being proactive and getting your name out there.

  1. Don’t Give Up

We know. Believe us. We live and breathe it every day. Finding a job that you love is really hard and it takes a lot of resilience and perseverance. Don’t let a false start or a missed opportunity be a deterrent. There is a job out there for everyone and there is a career out there, one that you will love and prosper in. It can just take time, so keep going!!

We believe if you follow our Sprint Steps to your dream job it is only a matter of time before that perfect role is offered to you. Just remember finding a job is hard work. It isn’t meant to be easy and it rarely falls at anyone’s feet! If you want to chat more about how we can help you to finding your next role, please get in touch with us at Sprint People!!