23 Nov 2021

Executive Assistant / Business Manager


EA Business Mgr to highly talented entrepreneur! Property Investment co, East Suburbs, take full control of his life & rapidly growing co, Exec Salary

  • Support a highly driven Director – be rewarded for your efforts!
  • Take full control of the processes to support a high-functioning team
  • Modern Eastern Suburbs Office WFH days

Having gained a wealth of experience in the world of property investment, this highly motivated and extremely hard-working Director (and his Business Partner) have created a unique national organisation. The company is based on solid values, care for clients and investors, and the belief that everyone should have fun along the way!

It’s not every day that we are briefed on a role of this nature: Senior EA support to one of the most inspiring, modern-minded and talented professionals in the world of property investment back-end business management.

The business has flourished in the past few years (actually helped along by Covid), and is growing at a rapid pace. His vision is crystal clear, he has a fantastic team. For the most part he knows where the gaps are to take the business to the next level however, he simply doesn’t have time!

This is where you enter – EA/Business Manager Extraordinaire. You’ll be a calm, confident and very efficient senior operator who can take full control of the back end of a small but growing business based in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

This is the perfect role for a career-minded operator (not just a ‘job seeker’), as the plans for the next 5 years are extremely impressive.

Make no mistake, these executives are on a very steep trajectory to achieve incredible success and will require a professional who can truly add value from day one. 

So what will the role entail?…

After sitting together for over an hour listening to him speak passionately about his business, it’s safe to say you’ll do everything that is not related to actually managing the property deals. This will include:

  • Liaising and building relationships with his rapidly growing client base (1st-time investors right through to HNWI’s & syndicates)
  • Helping run both existing and new systems, monitoring their ongoing success across the team 
  • Creating company marketing material and reports
  • Interacting with a number of media contacts, assisting with the creation of a rapidly growing podcast and updating social media channels
  • Extensive diary management, scheduling meetings, returning calls and maintaining a solid line of communication with active Investors, Solicitors and Accountants
  • Being the first point of contact for the team (all HR related matters)  
  • Taking care of basic IT matters (eg software upgrades, security & cloud-based matters)
  • Providing support with the management of private wealth and personal investment matters (technically just an extension of what you will do the office) 

The vast majority of the back-end systems are already in place and will simply need monitoring however, you’ll still have the drive and passion to drive change in areas where it is necessary. To put it simply, he just needs someone to ‘take the pain away’ when it comes to the back office. 

There is no formal JD as the role is so fluid therefore, flexibility will be required. If you are the type of person who requires guidance or direction then this role is definitely not for you. From day one you’ll be known as a natural leader, taking take on a high level of responsibility with energy and enthusiasm – running the admin side of things as though it was your own company!
You’ll be a powerhouse who loves a challenge and simply dives in to make things happen.

This is a fantastic role if you strive to always be the best version of yourself. You’ll push ahead of the crowd, be a driving force and wake up every morning (early!) with a natural sense of purpose. You want to make the most of your day and your warmth, energy and sense of humour are infectious.

You’ll support a leader who is positive, calm, warm-natured and extremely kind. He and his business partner are truly 2 of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. They offer flexibility and are very good to their staff, simply asking in return that people put in a solid effort every day.

Prepare yourself, they are busy, as in SUPER busy. They simply don’t have time to be bogged down in the detail, so be ready to step it up and take control before it even hits their radar. 

Not only is this an extremely rare career role, it’s also a unique opportunity to gain inside exposure to the world of commercial property investing which (due to low-interest rates and relaxed lending rules) has literally exploded over the past 12 months. This is an exceptionally unique opportunity to be trained from the ground up if you have not invested in the past.
Due to the close proximity to Christmas, this role will commence in January 2021 (however, the process will commence immediately).

Simply click on the APPLY button now to register your interest. We pride ourselves on our service levels and all candidates will be notified of the status of their application.
Looking forward to working with you in the future.