Get Ahead of the Great Resignation

22 Nov 2021 | Cole Dziatkewich

As we all attempt to navigate our way out of Covid and lockdowns, we are transitioning into a time that our generation has never seen before. It seems only natural that there is a knock on effect of people questioning their workplace, their career and starting to consider if now is a time to look for a new job. There is a restlessness in the air.

In the media, the headlines are predicting the “Great Resignation”. Even our own social media newsfeeds are flooded with inspirational quotes encouraging people to “live their best life”. It feels like from every angle we are are being encouraged to take back a sense of control in our lives and make an assessment on whether we truly love what we are doing. To ask ourselves if we are really fulfilled by our careers.

For some people, changing jobs as soon as it feels “safe to do so” is a no brainer. They wake up each day dreading what the work day holds or they are holding on to a resentment of the past 18 months being stuck in a job they don’t like but feeling powerless to leave. They watch the clock each day and cannot wait for the “right time” to seek a new job.

But there are also plenty of people who enjoy what they do. They enjoy who they do it with and like who they are working for. At least, they enjoy it enough to keep doing it. For now. But is this still enough? Is it enough to stay? In a post covid world, probably not.

Recent research shows that 40% of employees are considering looking for new opportunities with a new employer as we emerge from the pandemic.

So, when is the right time to start looking for a new job?

Now. Now is in fact the perfect time (as the dust still settles), to find the role you’ve been longing for while in lockdown.

The wheels have actually been in motion for some time. Businesses have already prepared for their resurgence and many are hiring now. Companies are changing the way they operate too. They are enticing new employees by shifting the focus from themselves to the employee by offering benefits, bonuses, and increasing focus on their culture. There is a much wider acceptance of hybrid roles and flexible working arrangements.

Truth be told, now is a great time to be looking for a job as there aren’t enough candidates actively in the market. There are already great roles already on offer – but as restrictions are still easing and we are heading into Christmas, lots of people haven’t started looking yet.

Well, here’s a little tip from us: We are partnered with our clients on a handful of exceptional opportunities, right now. So, from the frontline of the “Great Resignation”, we’ve got the inside scoop: Now is a great time to look for a new job. Don’t let the Covid jitters hold you back. With some of the highest vaccination rates in the world, the city re-opening and more and more people returning to the office every day, businesses across Australia are ready to release the brake and push on – full throttle.

Don’t wait for everyone else to make their move. Get ahead of everyone else.

If you’re ready to make a move, keep an eye on our jobs board, or register your interest. We’ve got more roles are on their way, but don’t wait for the masses – you may miss out.

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