Top Tips for Temps!

I’ve been for lots of interviews. Why am I not being considered for temp assignments?

If you’re going for lots of interviews but not receiving call backs for roles. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Was I enthusiastic in the interview?
  • Did I give the impression that I would be flexible with assignments (e.g. no job is too big or small)?
  • Have I kept in contact with the recruiter? E.g. when the recruiter has emailed me, have I always answered back?
  • Could I have missed calls from the recruiter because I have voice to text (or no voicemail at all)?
  • Could it be possible that I gave the recruiter the impression that I was only interested in certain types of roles that may be rare? What was the brief that I gave the agency?
  • Also see “How to be a good temp…? Part 2 – Don’t blame the recruiter!”

Which temps do Sprint choose for their temporary assignments?

At Sprint we always choose the temps that:

  • Were well presented in interview (See How to be a good temp? Part 1 – Look the part!)
  • Were very positive in interview. Happy to do anything from filing and doing the washing up, to more senior admin tasks.
  • Answer the phone every time we call them, or at least get back to us very quickly.
  • Replies to every single one of our emails (especially if we are confirming assignment details) to explain that they have received the information.
  • Has an active voicemail!!!!! – With a professional message too!

Top tips for securing as many temp assignments as possible?

  • Have your phone with you at all times and be aware that you may get a call at 7:30am in the morning for an immediate start!
  • Be prepared to leave the house at a moment’s notice! Have a corporate outfit ironed and ready in your wardrobe just in case.
  • When you arrive at a temp assignment, text or call your consultant to let them know that you have arrived.
  • Call or email your consultant during the temporary assignment letting them know how much you’re enjoying it, and can’t wait for the next one.
  • Have an active voicemail …I repeat…have an active voicemail!!! I know I am harping on about this one, but there are just so many people that don’t seem realise that they have voice to text (or worse – nothing at all). Voice to text has to be the worst innovations ever! Not only can it rarely understand what you are saying but it also only gives a 10 second window for someone to leave a message. This means that crucial information is often missed.
  • Take responsibility for keeping in touch with your consultant. Yes I agree that the recruiter should keep in touch with you, however they meet with dozens of people every week and you don’t want to be that candidate that falls through the cracks! Pop the recruiter a quick email letting them know that you are free all week, or that that you will be unavailable that Tuesday because you’ll be out of town etc. Every point of contact will keep you front of mind!

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